Nashua Library selectively promotes candidates

The Nashua, NH public library has a display inviting people to give it donations in the name of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The library displays life-size cardboard cutouts of these two people next to big jars. No choices are available except Trump and Clinton. This is, of course, selective promotion of some candidates above others, which a government-financed library is not supposed to do.
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New filk archiving project

Thanks largely to the efforts of Lauren Schiller, the science fiction and fantasy collection at the Cushing Library of Texas A&M University is adding filk to its holdings. They don’t have a web page specifically on this yet, and I don’t know if they want their email addresses publicized, but if you’ve got materials to donate, contact me privately and I can pass along the contact information.

I’m planning to donate my copy of A STF & FSY Songbook, since I just keep it safe and have a photocopy if I ever want to use it, along with some of my old filk cassettes. Jeremy Brett wrote in response to my inquiry on these items that “at this point we are welcoming any and all materials relating to filk, and plan to continue this open-ended collecting strategy for the foreseeable future.”

Please spread the word on this. I’ll provide additional information as it becomes available.

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