A new home for my writing-related posts

Starting today, my writing-related posts will appear on “The Business of Writing,” the blogging section of my business website.

It’s more convenient for people who go to my website. There’s more class in having a blog under my own domain. I could put this blog under my own domain, just as I did with Mad File Format Science, except that I use the URL for some other purposes. I discovered the hard way with MFFS that changing an existing blog’s URL on WordPress.com causes problems.

I’ll keep this blog around as a catchall for posts that don’t fit elsewhere. If you’re interested in my writing career, or if you’re looking for useful tips on writing as a business, I hope you’ll follow my writing blog.

In other news, techno-liberty.info is officially dead. The blog still exists, but it’s unreachable at present and I have no plans to revive it. It was an experiment that didn’t work. If someone else picks up the domain name, it has nothing to do with me.

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PGP update

I’ve updated my PGP key, since the previous one was five years old, and revoked the previous one. I’d sign this post to confirm the key, but that doesn’t work very well with WordPress.

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Introducing Techno-Liberty

My newest blog project is Techno-Liberty. Quoting my own “About” page:

I’ve created this blog as a resource for discovering the ways that technology can advance liberty. You’ll see occasional forays into libertarian politics, but mostly it will be about technical issues: encryption, privacy, blockchains, data accumulation, secure communication, and so on.

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Cruise on a ghost (writer) ship

Yesterday evening I went on a Boston Harbor cruise with some fellow ghostwriters — a haunted cruise, obviously. The host was WriterAccess, which I do some writing for. It was very nice to put faces on what’s normally a faceless operation, and to talk with other writers on how they use the site. I learned a few things as well as having an enjoyable evening.
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“The Impossible Voyage” update

Sorry, my showing of “The Impossible Voyage” next week is off.

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Silent movies

I love silent movies. Specifically, I love accompanying them, whether it’s for an audience or not. YouTube has lots of old silent movies, and I’ll put my iPad on the Yamaha keyboard and improvise to fit the movie. The only disadvantage is that YouTube inserts commercials by what must be a Poisson process, senselessly breaking in on whatever is happening. 1921 Hamlet thumbnail
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An unexpected honor

Today I got a letter from Lawrence Reed, president of the Foundation for Economic Education, inviting me to the FEE Faculty Network. I checked the web page and found it puts me in some very good company, including Doug Bandow, Marsha Enright, Robert Higgs, Israel Kirzner, and Ilya Somin.

Just to be clear, that and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee, and I don’t even drink coffee. But as the letter pointed out, it’s something to put on my bio and may help me to get noticed when I submit articles for publication. Besides, just getting an honor like that helps to validate the effort I’ve put into my writing.

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Fear and stress in New Hampshire

It’s getting far too stressful here. A collection of raving lunatics are running around the state, all trying to obtain the most powerful office in the country. Trump doesn’t even seem like the worst any more. Cruz has declared: “We will carpet bomb them into oblivion. I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out.” If that’s not a declaration of intent to use nuclear weapons, I don’t know what he means by “glow in the dark,” and my web searches don’t show that he’s ever clarified it. Rubio also supports carpet bombing and doesn’t think Cruz is pro-war enough. We can recover from registering Muslims; can we recover from a nuclear war?

On the Democratic side, every time Sanders opens his mouth he shows his utter ignorance of economics while declaring his intention to command the economy in unprecedented detail. Clinton has declared that citizenship is not a right and has declared that she’ll only appoint Supreme Court judges who’ll promise to overturn a case in which she tried to censor a documentary critical of her and lost.

This goes beyond whom to vote for. It’s gut-level fear that such people run around making such pronouncements and draw cheering crowds when they ought to be greeted with revulsion. What does it say about the people around me?

February 9 will be over in a month. It’s going to be a very hard month.

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Being an atheist, I don’t thank a deity on Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean I’m short on deserving recipients of thanks. So just a few…
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Personal note

Some lunatic created an account on Twitter just to post multiple variants of the following lie:

Tweet falsely claiming I killed four children.

Tweet falsely claiming I killed four children.

For those who have trouble viewing images, it’s a tweet by “Lance Manload”, saying “In 1997 Gary Mcgath ran over and killed four children whilst high on crack cocaine. Don’t let Gary kill your kids too.” I’m not worried that anyone who knows me will believe this, but this person is clearly nuts, so I want to have the action on record. “Lance Manload” is probably an assumed name. I’ve reported it to Twitter, of course. There are no other tweets from the account.

Update: A Twitter account called “Ken Rutkowski” posted a slightly rephrased version of the libel. That is the name of an associate of Dan Schulz and Scott Wirkus, two loonies who ran a harassment campaign against me for many years. “Rutkowski” and “Manload” are probably the same nut, whoever it is, and there’s apparently some kind of connection to Schulz and Wirkus. I’ve updated my website on them, though I’d thought the issue was dead. This decades-long obsession with me is weird.

Update, June 8: I’ve been whack-a-moling their accounts with reports to Twitter; as one account gets suspended, they open another. They’ve started harassing people I follow on Twitter. I suggest not engaging them or arguing with them; you’ll just get pulled into their obsession. Just report and block them.

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