Resident Power / PNE / Fairpoint Energy

This is off the usual themes of my blog, but I think it’s important to get the word out.

A while back I signed up with Resident Power for my electrical power in Nashua, NH. It seemed like a good deal, with lower rates, until the first time I had a question. It was only then that I realized that Resident Power’s website has hardly any support information, just a generic “info” address to contact.

Yesterday I received a notice from Power New England (PNE), which is another name for Resident Power, stating that my service is being reassigned to FairPoint energy. It says that I can opt out of this and revert to PSNH, but doesn’t give any information on how to do this. Fairpoint currently provides my Internet connectivity, and I’m constantly getting dropouts. (The only high-speed alternative is Comcast, with which I have other problems.) I can accept that level of service for Internet but it doesn’t make me trust them for electrical service, which is more critical. Correction: Resident Power is an aggregator and isn’t the same company as PNE.

Resident Power never explained the billing procedure properly; I got another bill from PSNH with no notification of termination, made a flurry of phone calls and emails (finding the right address to contact with some difficulty) to try to get things straightened out, and finally was told I’d continue to be billed through PSNH.

Resident Power’s website is still asking people to sign up and doesn’t mention that the whole operation has been sold! This looks like deceptive advertising to me.

Sometimes there’s a reason for paying more. PSNH is a known quantity and doesn’t put the same kind of barriers between its customers and support. I’m getting away from Resident Power, PNE, and FairPoint Energy as fast as I can.

Update, June 7, 2013: I’ve re-titled this post to clarify that it’s about FairPoint Energy, whose only connection with FairPoint Communications is that they paid to use the name.

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