The sightseers of I-495

There’s an exciting new tourist attraction in Massachusetts which is fascinating drivers who have never seen the like before. Unfortunately, its location is inconvenient for the many others who just aren’t interested.

What’s this novelty? Construction on I-495! The people who have never seen such a thing before are slowing down to 15 to 20 MPH on the northbound lanes to get a good look at it. I should explain that the construction is on the southbound side and separated from northbound traffic by a very wide median, so we aren’t talking about construction slowing traffic down directly. These are people who are so excited to see the machines that they can’t just zoom by them at normal highway speeds.

Unfortunately, a lot of commuters are trying to get home at the same time, and when traffic is heavy we have to slow down to the pace of the sightseers. In fact, I’d guess that for every person who’s out to look at the construction, there are a hundred of us who don’t think this is anything new and would really like to move at a reasonable pace. When traffic is heavy, it only takes one out of every hundred to bring traffic to a crawl.

We’d like to be on our way, but we don’t want to deny you tourists the rare sight of machinery on a highway. Here’s a thought: Take the closest exit and park off the highway, then walk across it to get a really good view. Bring a picnic lunch; you can stay as long as you like. The rest of us can zoom along at 70 MPH as you’re crossing, letting us have a little extra fun. Everyone’s happy.

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