US Senate votes to enslave women into military

While the Orlando killings had the country distracted, the US Senate voted to require all women to register for military slavery. Most of the opposition, from Republicans, isn’t principled opposition to the draft but merely opposition to including women. Ted Cruz said, “The idea that we should forcibly conscript young girls in combat to my mind makes little sense at all” Forcibly conscripting young boys into combat makes perfect sense to him, though. Rand Paul introduced a bill to abolish Selective Service, but it appears to be going nowhere. Whether Trump or Clinton gets elected, we’re going to have a president who makes Obama look as if he deserved his Peace Prize.

The government will never end the registration of people for forced, life-endangering service while people comply. People have to refuse. If you’re called on to register for the draft, don’t register. If you’re a teacher instructed to direct your students to register, refuse. It’s time to finish what the abolitionists started.
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Senators propose enslaving women

No matter how low Congress sinks, it can always sink lower. The latest evidence of that is the proposal from the Senate Armed Services Committee to require women to register for forced military service. They aren’t even bothering with a nice name, but calling it the “Draft America’s Daughters Act.” They’re boasting that they want to take people’s daughters and send them to die in foreign countries.

This is the point at which I have to call for civil disobedience. Refusal to register is the only thing that will shut Selective Service down.

I’m not advocating an illegal act. The military draft is slavery, hence a violation of the Thirteenth Amendment and null and void. The World War I era Supreme Court claimed it’s constitutional, but it can’t make a lie true. The Supreme Court’s power to rule on the Constitution provides a check on the government, but it has no more power to rewrite or ignore the Constitution than Congress does.

I’m asking you to uphold the law by not obeying an illegal demand from Congress. If you’re at the age where you’re told to register, don’t. If you’ve got children of that age, encourage them not to submit. Hillary Clinton (I’m resigned to her being the next president) and Congress would love a supply of unwilling soldiers to fight their endless wars. Don’t give them one.

Update: Here’s some better news: The House has removed draft registration for women from a defense policy bill. It’s interesting that it’s Democrats who want to expand the draft and Republicans who oppose it. Some Republicans “questioned whether the Selective Service, which needs $23 million annually to operate, should be abolished altogether with an all-volunteer force.” The answer is yes.

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Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill

Libertarians are thrilled that someone they can admire will appear on the future $20 Federal Reserve Note. Back in May, Lawrence Reed presented the case for Tubman on the FEE website. The whole piece is worth reading, but here’s just a bit:
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