Texas’s attempt to cut off prisoners from the world

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has proclaimed a new policy to cut off prisoners’ communication with the outside world, according to Fusion.net. This includes accounts maintained on their behalf by others.

[Texas spokesperson Jason] Clark said that the department will reach out to social media companies to ask that accounts in inmates’ names be taken down, and that the new rule will strengthen their ability to do so. Inmates who are found to have social media accounts would be punished with a level three disciplinary violation, the lowest level violation in the system.

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The police state in Irving, Texas

The outrage perpetrated by MacArthur High School and the Irving, Texas police has been all over the news, and I don’t want to duplicate what everyone has been saying. Some points which haven’t gotten a lot of discussion jump out at me.

The first is that we know Ahmed Mohamed’s name at all. Normally when 14-year-olds are arrested, their names are kept strictly out of the news. Instead, the Irving police have been saying all kinds of things about their actions, and what they’re saying damns them. From a local news story:
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